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Aquatic Engineering improves nuisance levels of native aquatic vegetation through a method we call “Aquascaping”. Most often the best method of native plant management in localized areas is by hand manipulations. This is done by getting in the water and removing the plants by hand, either by wading or with divers. Once the plant material is removed it must be disposed of properly. Aquatic Engineering has the capabilities to remove large amounts of aquatic plant material efficiently, economically and in an environmentally conscientious manner. If native plants are removed, an Aquatic Plant Management (APM) Program is required to displace any exotic invaders. Our APM programs provide┬ávery cost effective ways of assuring that our clients desired management area remains usable for the summer. Aquatic Engineering offers the services listed below:

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Aquatic Engineering will predict the direction of projects, while maintaining client objectives. Our approach allows us to serve the public as well as large commercial and government agencies.

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Prices for Aquatic Engineering's services vary based on client needs. Call 1-877-781-8770, email info@aquaticengineering.org or use the contact form below to arrange a consultation with an Aquatic Engineering Technician.


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