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Aquatic Engineering

We are a full service aquatic environmental engineering firm specializing in a variety of freshwater ecological services.

Our experienced personnel is adept in providing solutions for the preservation and management of inland freshwater ecosystems.


Advancing the Science of Assessment, Management and Rehabilitation of our Aquatic Natural Resources.

We are passionate and committed to providing our natural resources and clients with ecologically sound solutions

The impacts of human development and invasive species are growing, and so is the demand that something be done.

As the repercussions of our influence on natural ecosystems continue to be felt, recreationalists, naturalists, enthusiasts, liberals and conservatives alike understand the necessity for sound management of our lands.

With proper planning and more than a decade of experience, Wildlife Engineering's highly qualified, respectful and honest staff can implement the best solutions available to manage ecological problems.

Joshua E. Britton

Grant Assistance


Aquatic Engineering offers assistance in grant writing, project funding and funding partnership building. Whether you are a private party, municipality or nonprofit organization, Aquatic Engineering offers comprehensive grant research and writing services. While we cannot guarantee your project will be funded, we have had a great deal of success securing support from federal, state and ...more

About Aquatic Engineering


Aquatic Engineering is a full service aquatic environmental engineering firm specializing in a variety of freshwater ecological service arenas. Aquatic Engineering has experienced personnel technically adept in ...more


Our service orientated approach couples the use of innovative technologies and experienced personnel. We visualize and predict the direction of projects, while maintaining client objectives. Our approach allows us to serve the public as well as large commercial and government agencies.

Prices for Aquatic Engineering's services vary based on client needs. Call 1-877-781-8770, email info@aquaticengineering.org or use the contact form below to arrange a consultation with an Aquatic Engineering Technician.


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